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Client Orgs & Images and Maps

We use client orgs extensively and have a request from a customer to do a heat map chart.

Can maps/images that are uploaded be separated by/assigned to specific client orgs? Or are they always just globally available?

Hello Rob,

I might need some additional information / clarification
in order to address your query.

The heat map chart is available as a choice in the chart
building portion of the report builder. Is this what you
are referring to?

If so, then I believe you are asking if there is a setting
to restrict access to some of these chart options within
client orgs?

Please let me know if this is what you are after and I
will respond accordingly or
if I have misunderstood your question.

Thank you,


Hi Kyle

What we're looking for is the ability to upload an image for a heat map and have that image only available for one client org.

My customer is in Pennsylvania and wants to generate a heat map showing how many employees are in each zip/postal code. We have other customers (as client orgs) in different states that should not have access to that image.

We don't have Google Maps so we're looking for a way to do location charting.

Hello Rob,

Thank you for clarifying your query.

An image uploaded into a clint org is only
available to those users within that client org.

Let us know if there was anything else.