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combining data from different views at report level


We have a requirement where we have a report with tables part of different views.Each table of the views is a transnational table with more than 100,000 records. We need to create a report with aggregated fields from all these views without impacting Report performance.

Attached is the screen shot of the report containing Sell in ,sell out,inventory coming different views.

What would be best way to achieve this and kindly add your suggestion over such requirements.

Hi Mala,

Thank you for the question.

Unfortunately aggregating fields will always have a performance impact on Yellowfin reports. This becomes increasingly noticeable when there are more data rows present because the aggregate function has to run over each row.

So if you are trying to aggregate columns without having a performance impact, this probably isn't possible inside of Yellowfin.

I'm not sure if this will work in your case specifically, but you could try aggregating your columns at the database or view level and see if that helps alleviate some of the strain on report generation.

Please let me know if you need more information or if I misunderstood your initial question.

I hope to hear back.

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