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conditional format not working


I have created an advanced percent calc using a calculated key figure

I attempt to create a conditional format
the setup saves with no error

However this set up is never saved and applied to the report column. I look again at set up and it no longer exists. I have attempted to create maybe 20 times.

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please advise

note the key figure is derived using data from a union sub query

Sorry I posted as Guest
but am licensed user
Should I repost?
I also try to create advanced conditional format and it never "sticks" either
Here are my columns

I have made all Null to Zero

there are some zeros in calcs as denominator but would expect formatting to cope with this?

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Hi Scott,

So sorry for the long delay!

I've run a few tests in the latest 7.1 using a union subquery, calc field and then applying conditional formats to that calc field.

However, in each case, the conditional format is displayed and never removes.

Are you able to provide some detailed info as to how the report is built?
Also, which browser and release of Yellowfin are you using?

I created a calc field using the Ski Team Tutorial DB:
Sum (Invoiced Amount)/Sum (Invoiced Estimate) . I then created a conditional format based o this field.

Please let me know if I'm missing anything.

we decided to add data from Query rather than inside YF


will provide if we see issue again