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Conditional formating and key-figures

While implementing conditional formating, we often use the same key-figures (like age-ranges, working hours-boundaries). Is it possible to add something like "numeric custom parameters" (like the textual parameters that are already there) and use those values in the conditional formating? Or are there already other "best practices" to garantee that in the same group of reports the same boundary-values for formating are used.

(of course we like those values to be maintained in YellowFin, and not in any other database-table outside the YF environment....)

You have raised a good question!
Unfortunately there is no current way to add a conditonal format preset/rule, which can be applied to multiple reports.
At the moment, conditional formats will need to be setup on each report during creation.

I have raised an enhancement request for this, so hopefully it can be supported in a future release (TASK ID = 171947)

In the meantime, I guess you could create a report with your columns & conditional formats. Then each time you create a report, you make a copy of the report that already has the conditional formats applied.

Hope this helps, and please let me know if there was anything else you were after.


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