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Conditional formatting for bar charts

Hi Team,

I would like to know if we could assign the color for the value of bar charts based on a condition.

Can I have a conditional coloring for a bar where if the value is less that zero, it has to be in red color otherwise it will be green. As of now we are just assigning a column value with a color.

Please let me know if this is possible to be achieved or if you may want any other information.

Thanks & Regards,
Hi Manoj,

at the moment it is not possible to have Conditional Formatting applied to Bar Charts, i.e. the colour of a bar cannot be changed at run-time according to what value it is representing. So I have raised an enhancement request for this, the support task ID is 154911.

Is this still accurate that bar charts can not include conditional formatting? This seems to be a feature that you had way back in 2012

Hi Scott,

no it is not accurate, and the GUI has changed since then, here are screenshots from the latest version:

1) create a conditional formatting alert

Forum image

2) Enable the conditional formatting display in the Series Selection panel

Forum image

3) Select the display options required for the alert

Forum image

Hi Dave,

Any ideas on how to highlight the MAX value in a bar chart?

I tried a basic conditional format using Percentage of Max = 100%. The cell in the table is highlighted but the condition is not applied to the chart.

I also tried the advanced conditional formatting. I set the condition based on a Rank Ascending column I created and set the condition =1. Yet again cell in table is highlighted but not the bar column.

It only works when I use a basic condition and set the value a fixed number as in the examples shown in the previous posts. e.g Cell Value greater than 100,000. But then the values in the chart will change based on filters applied.


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