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Conditional Formatting problem.

I am having a problem entering two alerts for the same column. One alert is to change the Text colour and the other is to change the Cell colour. Although it appears to allow this in draft mode, one of the alerts is lost when the report is saved.

How do I set up a conditional alert to change both the text and the cell colours at the same time?
Hello Guest,

Sorry to see that you are having some issues applying separate alerts to the same column
under Conditional Formatting.

Wiki - Formatting

Is it possible for you to provide a few screenshots - the Format page, the report in draft mode, and
the report when activated??

Can you also tell us which version and build of YF you are using? E.g. 7.1, March?

Thank you,

I have a column that I wish to change both the background and text colours of for certain conditions.
I've included a screenshot of the two conditions, both on the same column, that should achieve what I desire. Only one of the two conditions is applied however. Is there a way to do this?

We are using Application Version 7.1 Build 20141128.
I also want to do the same conditional formatting. Did you manage to get it right??

I have been able to replicate what I believe you are experiencing and have raised a product defect for this to be address in a future build of YF - (#194764). However, I cannot provide an exact ETA for when this will be addressed.

Although it's not ideal, you can change the background color of the row (it won't be conditional) and then
change the text using the conditional formatting, as a possible alternative.

Thank you,