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Connection with Parstream


I tried to connect Yellowfin BI with Parstream DB.
I used JDBC driver that is included in Yellowfin BI 7.1.

The connection was successful.
However Yellowfin BI recognized some data types (ex: Varstring) as 'Unknown'.

Here's the list of data types that is used in Parstream.

Forum image

We had similar problems when we had tried to connect Yellowfin BI with Lotus Notes before.

In this case, Yellowfin BI recognized all data types from Lotus Notes just as 'String'.

Is there any previous example or manual about connecting Yellowfin BI with Parstream?
Hi Daehwan,

yes I remember the problem with the Lotus Notes JDBCTypes, Yellowfin was being passed a JDBCType of "N/A (11111)" and thus was not able to interpret it as any type:

Forum image

And so for this reason I am wondering what are the JDBC Types for all of the ParStream Types that you showed in your above image, if you have a database tool such as DBVisualizer you will be able to find a column showing the JDBC Type, could you please send us a screenshot showing the correlation between ParStream Type & JDBC Type.