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Copy of the Yellowfin Database from DEV

Hi Support,

Instead of import export YF solution the OEM Partner is using a copy of the Yellowfin Database of the developing server in their customers.

But the copy has all the cached data and cache test filters from the YF developing server.

They would like to know what is the tables to delete or drop to avoid cache or temporary files from the developing server?

PS: They are using the scheduled cache filters, but it is causing mixing with the test filters.

YF 7.0 Code Version: 20141216
I think they can ignore the CachedFilterValue table data when export dev database. Or truncate this table after recover the database on their costumers.
Hi Arthur,

the only really safe tables where you can truncate all of the data without possible causing errors are the EVENT and EVENTARCHIVE tables. Any other tables and you'd have to run a whole lotta queries to find out which data is in use and which isn't.