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Could_not_create_person on AddUser request


I am currently doing some work with the Yellowfin 7.2 Beta, the 20151218 build.

I am attempting to send a ADDUSER AdministrationServiceRequest to the Web Service, and keep getting the error code 4 back (COULD_NOT_CREATE_PERSON).

I saw someone on the Japanese forums ( that was having a similar issue, that wasn't resolved. Like in that forum post, the response I get back only has the "statusCode" of "FAILURE" and "errorCode" of "4". The messages element is NULL.

In the other thread you mentioned three possibilities for this error message:
"1. Password not set for new user.
2. Person already exists
3. Internal Person creation process failed..."

I can confirm it is not either 1 or 2 - I have the password set on the "person" object of the request, and I know the person does not already exist as the only Person in the Yellowfin database is the System Administrator.

Any help or advice on where to look would be greatly appreciated, thanks!