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Creating YF users from values stored in a database

Hello is it possible to programmatically create users and their passwords by reading values (usernames and (encrypted) passwords) stored in a SQL Server database?


Hi Angus,

You cannot create users from another DB, however, we do have a few options which should giv e you similar results.

-LDAP Authentication
-Bulk User Import

Because you are wanting to also use a password set outside of Yellowfin, LDAP would be your best fit, and something that many users use, as they simply connect YF to their Active Directory and pull in the Yellowfin users from there.

Please let us know if you have any other questions on this.

Hi David

thanks, this is an OEM setup, where the primary application users are external clients, stored within teh application database. So i think the bulk import looks the best bet as they should be able to script out the user details to a file.