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Custom Header Causing UI Issue in Table Report

Hi Team,

I am using custom header for Yellowfin.
I have created a dashboard and placed a report in that. In that report, first record of the report is not displaying completely.

Please see the below screenshot and provide us the solution.

With Yellowfin Header:

Forum image

With Custom Header:

Forum image
Good Afternoon Chandra,

Hope you are well,

I am sorry to see you are having issues with the custom header. To enable me to further investigate the issue I need some further information.

What build and version of Yellowfin are you currently using?
Is this happening to all reports using the custom header?

Would you also be able to send the log files to referencing this forum post so that we can correspond via the case.


Hi Adam,

Thanks for the immediate response.

Yes. This issue occurs for all reports when we use that in dashboard.

Yellowfin version details are:

Forum image

Please provide your suggestion to avoid this issue.
Good Morning Chandra,

Hope you are well,

I am sorry for the delay in responding to you. I have been looking in to this and I can advise that there has been some work carried out on recent release of Yellowfin regarding the custom header and the screen layout.

I would therefore recommend updating your test environment of Yellowfin to the recent 7.1 release and let me know if you require any further assistance.


Hi Adam,

I have updated Yellowfin with 7.1 version and build 20160323.
But still I am facing the same issue with custom header(refer the attachment). When using Yellowfin separately its worked fine.

Please suggest.