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Custom Header


How to get user logged info to use in custom header.
I need to get ClientOrg and Role of logged user to show on my custom header.

I'm only using html/js on my custom header.

Thanks for posting your question on our forum.

I've attached a few links below that cover Custom Headers.
After reviewing these, please let me know if you have additional

Custom Headers


Thank you!


Hi Kyle,

We had done a new custom header. How the instructions at [quote="">[/quote] . So, this is a new html set on yellowfin configurations, and this work like a charm.

But now we need is to be able to get the "current user info" [username, clientOrg name, etc]

The clientOrg name is displayed when we use the yellowfin header. But when we set to use our header file, this info isn't more available.

Is it possible to get a few screenshots of what you
are experiencing - Client Org name displayed in YF header
& then not being available in the header file?

Thank you!
This is the info that we need to get into our custom header.

Forum image

I do have some example headers I can send, though you will need to be signed into the forum in order to download them.

Do you have a login?
If not, can you please email with a reference to this post.


Hi Rafael,

I have attached 2 example headers.
One with icons, and one without.

Hope these help.