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Custom Installer for 7.1 20140923

I've built a custom installer package using the build mentioned in the subject line. I brought over my custom properties file from the last version with NO changes (direct copy/paste) that I am sure worked with previous versions.

The installer packages fine, and is wrapped in a windows executable file fine.

When the service is started, the following errors appear:

Error: org.apache.jasper.JasperException: /custom_login.jsp (line: 3, column: 56) File "/WEB-INF/struts-html.tld" not found

Error: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: org.apache.jsp.custom_005flogin_jsp

I can send in my custom properties files, and the custom login page I am using if it helps, but both of these were verified working with the first release of 7.1
Hi Justin

If you do a search for struts-html.tld on both the both instances of the Yellowfin software do you see it in the /WEB-INF under each software structure?

Yes if you could send the custom properties files and login page along with files Yellowfin.log , JDBC.log, catalina.out, from the new instances then I can better see the possible issue.

Thank you
Under the 20140923 version, i do NOT see the file that the error is hanging on.

In the previous version, I DO see the file.

In fact, just to test things, I copied the two missing files that the errors indicated from the old version, to the new version install, and it worked.

Is it possible those files are needed for custom headers and overlooked in that release, or more likely that something in my custom parameters file prevented them from being extracted?
Hi Justin

Good to hear that it was a matter of just copying those missing files over.

I am not a Struts expert by no means but from looking at my multiple versions of the Yellowfin software I can see that struts-html.tld file just starts out as a tag until it is put into the /WEB-INF folder.
I was wondering if you did the procedures in the link below which describes the moving of Custom files to a new instance of Yellowfin software?

The instructions are from a previous release but are the same for the newer versions of software.
Those steps should transport any files from the customization to the newer instance of the software.
Always make a backup of the original instance of software also.

Let me know if those instructions helped.

Thank you
My customizations are only a new header, footer, and login page. My custom installer only changes properties to include those 3 files and some images to support the customization.

I did include a property to rename the Yellowfin.war file to something else, could that have maybe caused the problem?

All I did to fix it was copy 2 files from an old version to the new to get it working.

Hey Justin

It is a possibility with the .war file being part of customization but you were only doing a copy paste of the customized files and info so not sure why that would effect it.

There is not too much out there on yellowfin.war. You may have run into the question answer on the forum that involved a descent explanation of the customized process.


Happy Friday
Hi Mark

Is it possible to adjust the link in this forum thread so that it goes to the other thread referred to please? There are two links on this thread, but they both just go to as far as I can see.

I am having the same customisation issue as Justin and would like to resolve it.

Thanks and kind regards

Hi Paula,

I'm not 100% sure which link Mark was referring to but I believe it was
this one.


If this isn't what you were looking for, please provide some additional details and we will
attempt to assist you.

Thank you,


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