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Customer Look Up Please

We have many clients who would like to use a tool to look up customers when they call into their customer support numbers. I would like to be able to build a report that has a look up capability. ie I type in a phone number, email address or last name. This looks at the data set and brings back all data relating to that customer ie. Transactional history, notes from previous interactions, emails sent, etc.

I do not believe I can do this with Yellow Fin today, but it would be great to see this functionality added.

Thank you for inputting your question through our forum site.

Unfortunately, that functionality within a report is not something
that is possible, at this time, within the YF application.

From your description, this sounds like more of a CRM feature?
If I have misunderstood your question, please let me know.

If things change in the future to allow for something like you
are looking for we will be sure to update this post accordingly.

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This definitely is more of a CRM feature however you can do it in a Yellowfin report as long as you have the data available.

First create the report with the columns that you will want to see as the result:

Forum image

Then pull in the fields that you want to be able to search (you suggested name, email, phone). I have used name, gender, region as my example.

Forum image

Go to the filter settings. Select the first filter as "contains", then change all the other filters to "links to filter", you will need to open each filter to link it to the first filter. Also make sure that these are an "or" logic.

Forum image

The go to the filter formatting menu and rename the first filter to something generic, eg. text search:

Forum image

Lastly test this on your Output page.

Forum image

I hope that this provides you another alternative.

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