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customization of Yellowfin tool

How feasible customization of Yellowfin tool? Please share expereince if any one has customized it? How much its robust after customization. Thanks in advance
Hey Joe,

I know that you've posted a few other questions on the forum so
apologizes if the following links have already been passed on.

YF can be customized in many different ways and at different levels, depending
on your needs and requirements.

I would say that in general, most clients using YF are customizing it to
some extent, either by style or integration, or both. Customizing YF shouldn't
have any negative effects on the system, as long it's all done correctly.

Below are some links for your benefit. It also might be worth your time to
review our Wiki, which has recently been updated and covers the product
quite extensively.

Custom Styles


Integrating and Embedding


Thank you,

Actually I am looking for

"Which is a most flexible & customizable open source & Licensed BI Reporting tool in terms of creating new features & functionality for reports using SDK development."

For instance:

BIRT/ Actuate, SpagoBI, Pentaho, RapidMiner, Jaspersoft, KNIME, Pyramid Analytics, Yellowfin, Chartio, Panorama Necto, MicroStrategy, ZOHO, Arcplan, Tibco SpotFire, Info

Hi Vikram,

Sorry for the delayed response.

I'm not sure I understand your question?

Can you please re-phrase what you're after so we can better assist?