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Dashboard Date filters in 7.2

Hi Folks

We upgraded to 7.2 yesterday and have a few dashboard date filter issues that we need your help with as follows:

1. The display of dates in the filter has changed in a way that means there are now more clicks required to change dashboard date range filters. This is less convenient for our clients. Can an improvement be done here to reduce the number of clicks back to what it was in 7.1?

2. The displayed date filter shows: abbrieviated day name, date and series of zero's e.g.Thu,31 Mar 2016 00:00:00 - refer attached screenshot also. This was not the case in 7.1, what was displayed was simply the date. The additional zero's at the end clutters the viewing experience. How can we just show the date itself without the zero's after the date?

3. There appears to be a bug with the default date filter setting for date ranges. If I change the default values for the dates (push them forward a year) YF accepts a change to the �From� date but will not accept a change to the �To� date prior to clicking on the �Save� button. Refer attached screenshot. This functionality worked fine in 7.1 for us.

Please advise


Hi Christine,

Thanks for sending these questions in. I'm going to do my best to answer them in order.

1)While the new date picker in 7.2 has created the need for a couple more clicks, we have found that it is more robust on the whole. The new field that allows keyboard input of a date has been especially useful for some. I'm sure that this date picker will undergo some revisions in future builds, and efficiency improvements will likely be on the to-do list.

2)The answer for this question is similar to the first. The change was made in order to increase the ability of the user to input more granular values. At this point, I don't believe that there is a way to turn off the appended zeroes.

3)In order for me to answer this question I'm going to have to ask for some more specific information. If you click Save after you enter each date individually, so the changes take? Or does the 'To' date always bounce regardless? In regards to your screenshot, can you tell us what you were expecting the outcome to be? If you could let us know what some of these specifics are when you get a moment, that would be much appreciated.

Regarding question 3, it might be best to proceed if you could email your response to This will create a case in our CRM and allow our entire team to better assist you. Please feel free to let us know if you have any questions or concerns.