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Dashboard Max Size


It's possible to set dashboard width to % but define a max limit to this size?

*Use dash width 90% but limit to 1170px.

TIP: Use grid to Yellowfin layout may turn more flexible this use.

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Thank you for the question!

This may or may not work but what you could try is the following.

Set your Display Setting to pixels

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Set the individual user profile Display Preference to %

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Let me know if this works.

Thank you
Hi Mark,

This tip didn't work. When yellowfin not accept 0 as value to this field.
Even if i set another value on "user profile Display Preference" this will overwrite the system config.

Thank you
Hi Rafael

Thank you for the update.

I will discuss your question with the dev team this afternoon and see if there is another option to try.

Hi Rafael,

the requirement you have is not currently supported by Yellowfin so an enhancement request has been raised (Support Task 179401), although at this point in time there has been no implementation date set.