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Dashboard only user

I want to configure a user-role for users that only get a predefined dashboard (depending on there user-group) and can view and collaborate on what the get to see this way.

However when such a user signs on comes in the "browse"-options and see's all plublic reports and all other public stuff. When however he has gone tot his dashboard the (as i want it to function) can't go back to this browse option. Is it possible to have such a user automaticaly send to either his dashboard or his timeline on the condition that he may not browse at all?

Two other issues for this user-group:
1) Can i disable the "print-option" just as i can disable the export-options?
2) Is there an option to clean up the Timeline?
Hi Peter,

looks like you've found a bug, so I've raised a product defect for it (support task 169574) and have submitted it to the agenda for the next developers' meeting.

In the meanwhile there is an easy workaround to ensure the user doesn't see the Browse page,

update personconfiguration
set configdata = 'BROWSE'
where configcode = 'ENTRYPAGE'
and IPPerson =

Don't forget to back up the YF DB before making such modifications.

It looks like this bug has not been fixed. I am using Yellowfin 7.1 b20141128 and am having this issue. Any update?

yes I agree with you, it looks as though it's back! I've raised another defect for it, the Support Task ID is 180857 and has been added to the agenda for the next dev meeting to be discussed, allocated and hopefully finally resolved.


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