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Dashboards in iPhone app

on using iPhone app of yellow fin I see only the reports.
Is there any way to view the dashboards as a whole in the APP?

Due to the limited size of the iPhone screen Dashboards have not been implemented in the same way as they have in the main app and iPad app.

One possibility to display more data in a single view could be to use Multi Charts on a Multi Chart Canvas.

Please let me know if you have any other or I can assist further.

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Can you elaborate on the "main app" please? and how is it different from the existing Iphone app? I havent tried it on Ipad yet, will do.

Apologise, I should have explained this a little more clearly. The 'main app' refers to the desktop version of Yellowfin, that is accessible through a web browser.

If you have any further questions of need further assistance let me know.

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