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Database Name changed


I have a question regarding a situation where a database was dropped and a different database with the same name (different tables) was created.

When I realized what happened (saw that the view had "unknown tables", marked with red borders) i switched back to the original database but now the view is OK (no errors or unknown tables/columns) but all the reports/dashboards based on this view show this message :

"Error retrieving results
An error occurred retrieving the results from the database."

I checked the view and the scheme is ok, But in step2 (View fields) i see a lot of Fields (columns) are missing from categories.

is there a reason why this is happening?
How can i fix this ?

appreciate any help in the matter

Hi Shaul,

Sorry to hear about what happened, and glad you quickly identified the issue and resolved.

I think what you're facing may be documented here:

You would just want to ensure you have a YF backup, and then run through the queries 1 > 5 for the affected view.

Please let me know if you have any questions or run into any issues with this, and of course, how it all goes.


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