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Database relationships of StaffMemberRole table


We have integrated our system with Yellowfin using LDAP authentication. However, we found an issue in our integration method which created unnecessarily records in StaffMemberRole table.

We have identified the defect but need to remove irrelevant records in StaffMemberRole table. But we don't have complete understanding about relationships of StaffMemberRole table to other tables. Could you please explain how we could remove a record in StaffMemberRole table, what are the other tables we should consider ?

Hi Supun,

there was a bug that appeared a few months ago that caused accounts to be duplicated every time users logged into Yellowfin via LDAP Authentication - it sounds like this is what you are experiencing. This bug (176017) was fixed for the October build of 7.0, and we are hoping to add the fix to 7.1 very soon. Which version and build of Yellowfin are you using?

Regarding cleaning up your user tables, if you'd like, we'll do it for you, just email us your IPClass, IPRltshp, StaffMemberRole tables.

However, if you'd like to do it yourselves then please let me know and I'll send you detailed instructions.

Hi Dave,

Thank you for the reply. Actually, StaffMemberRole table has more than 600,000 records as a result of this issue. I believe there was a defect in our integration as well.

I think it would be easy if you could provide steps for cleaning up our database since these tables have huge amount of records.

Hi Supun,

We generally don't tell users how to delete records from the tables, as it's hard to be %100 sure without looking at the data ourselves.

In order to look at this table and related ones, we would need to get extracts of the following tables;


Are you able to send across these results in a csv file to with a reference to this post?
Just compress the file before sending.