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Decile Grouping of sales sum and customer count

I have a report with customer number and sales sum. I then use statistical advanced function to count deciles of sales sum. But now I would need the sum of sales per each decile. Is there a way to achieve that?
I don't seem to be able to do further aggregations as the original data the deciles are based on is already aggregated.

Attached an image where I am now and below what I would like to achieve:
Decile Sales Total Share
10 29073218 18%
9 26022557 16%
8 24981473 15%
7 19789280 12%
6 17532466 11%
5 16482631 10%
4 11341463 7%
3 8611946 5%
2 5877898 4%
1 2725612 2%
Grand Total 162438544 100%

New try for the image to the post above...

Forum image

Sorry for the delays, and thanks for the screenshot.

What you're after should be possible by first dragging your Decile Sales to the front, so it's your first column.

Then, Enable 'Suppress Duplicates' for your decile column

Forum image

Now, turn on 'Sub Total' for your decile column

Forum image

Lastly, add a SUM to your Sum Sales column

Forum image

The column formatting wiki section , may also provide some useful info.

Please let me know if this doesn't give you the results you were after.

Thank you David,
that resolved my problem! One further question though. Can I hide the detail rows ? I want only the subtotals to show. I did a workaround with setting row size and detail row height to 0, but wonder if there was a configuration to hide detail rows.


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