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Default setting changes


1. Can you please change the default settings for autorun from ON to OFF and display filter values OFF to ON.

2. For metric fields the filter settings are automatically set to between, in previous version it was 'Equal to', can you please make it to the same as it was in previous version. For Eg. for month name it automatically takes "between" instead of "�qual To" in filters.

3. Unable to expand names - Left Pane at DATA. The field names are not visible fully if the names are bigger than 20 characters

4. Unable to view full name for co-display reports. Its difficult to identity the report if we have same starting words of multiple reports.

5. Unable to view full names in the filters. For eg. if we keep partner name field in the filters than we are not able to see full names of the partners if we make it "IN LIST". Can you please make this expandable as per the users requirement.



Waiting for the response on this issues.

Hi Dhrati,

Apologise for the delayed response.

Thank you for contacting us with your enhancement request. I have looked into each of them for you but for question 4 and 5 I wondered if we could get a little more information. Is it possible for you to send over screenshots of examples so I can where these issues are occurring. If they contain information that is sensitive and you do not wish to post them on the forum, please send them through to and reference this forum post.

Re request 1-3:

1/ Default AutoRun: This has an existing an enhancement request for it to be considered for a future build. (TASK ID: 158695)

2/ Filter Default:You are correct this was changed in 7.0 so the Enhancement request I have created is to add the option at Admin for user to select the default Filter Operator for their filter list. (TASK ID: 171194) Let me know if this would provide you with the function you need.

3/Left Pane at DATA: This has actually been fixed in our new 7.1. User will be able to hover over the name and the tooltip will display the full name of the field.

Please let me know if you have any other questions and if you can send a little more info on points 4 and 5 I will then get back to you on these enhancements.

Kind Regards,

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