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delete account from DB

Dear Support,

if i want to delete record from dbo.Person table using query directly, do i also need to delete record from other table which reference to the person id. (e.g. StaffMemberRole link to Person on IpPerson Equal to IpEmployee)

Thanks & Regards,
Yu Yan
Hi Yu,

We don't recommend removing data directly from the DB, though if necessary please ensure you have a recent backup before making such changes, and please keep in mind this is not supported (if issues arise).

Is there a reason why deleting the user from the UI is not sufficient?
Also we do not want to place this information on the forum, so if you really want to do this I can email across the affected tables (just send an email to .


Hi David,

because we have a job, which help me to auto create all user account. and now there are 9000+ account, when we tried to refresh the access filter, it take very long time and the whole system just hang. without refresh the access filter we can not use it. so we want to remove some account in test environment, and make the performance better.

please advise is there any other ways we can use?

thanks & regards
Hi Yuu,

That does make sense, still not supported, but send me an email and I'll note the affected tables.