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Display leading months with no data

I am currently trying to create a chart that shows the number of occurrences over the last 12 months, with some of these months having no data. I have created a time series chart which displays correctly except that the x-axis starts with the first month that contains an occurrence (not the date range that is selected by the user).

Is there a method of setting the start point of the x-axis to the user selected month - in other words how can I get it to display the previous 12 months even if the data in first 3 is null?

Thanks for your question. Can you advise what version / build of Yellowfin you are using, so we can provide the correct instructions to you?

Kind Regards,

Hi Danny,
Thanks for your help. Version 6.3 / Build 20140224

HI Danny,
Did you have any luck with this?

Hi Matt,

I think I understand your scenario, you enter (for example) dates between 2014-01-01 and 2014-12-31 for total monthly invoiced amounts however the chart horizontal axis only starts at 2014-07-01.

If you have actual entries in your data source that show NULL occurrences for the first months then YF should start the x-axis at the first of those NULL values. However, if there are no entries at all in your database for those months then YF won't create the data required for the chart.

Could you please verify if Yellowfin is ignoring actual rows in your data source for those first months that have a NULL value for their totals.