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Displaying filter values in the report output

We are using YF 7.1 build 20150325 one of our report has a filter to run on yesterday's data when the filter is displayed on the reports it says "Date Between Yesterday" it would be helpful to the end user if it can display the actual date and date range. Please let me know if this is possible.

Thanks a bunch.


Thank you for posting your question on the forum and for including your
system information.

- Can you please provide a screenshot of the Filter in question, both
in how the filter is formatted and how it displays on the report?

Thank you,


Hi Kyle,

Attached are the screen shots you have requested. Thanks for the help.


Hello Mk,

Thank you for providing the screenshots for clarification.

Unfortunately what you are looking for is not currently possible. You do have the option
to change the 'Name' of the Filter -

Forum image

But this is not dynamic and would need to be updated each day, in your

Sorry for the bad news,


We schedule this report and email to end users daily if they don't have the date display in the report they will not know what date the data represents right ?? Is there any work around ?? Can this be added as feature request ??

Thanks for the help.