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Distribution of reports, configuration how to

I have some questions about customizing the email. This EMail is generated as HTML output:

1) for an english user the email starts with "Hi "+ Name. Can this be configured to be any other text? And if, may it be multi-line? Is this "Hi " somewhere defined multi-langual?

2) In the email there is a text where the user can click on to change his notification setting (see 2th attachment). Can this text be disabled? And on my test-system it doesn't link to the right web-page (it goes to http://localhost/MIPreTimelineSettings.i4, but that page is not found)

3) At the end of the email the same logo is displayed as at the top of the email. Where can i configure this setting and can this be disabled? And is it posible to have the same text generated as at the end of the first page?

4) This is the output with HTML choosen. Is output for the other formats likely the same or are there specific issues to attend?

Hi Peter,

1) at the moment it is not possible to configure the "Hi" to different text via the GUI. However this is a very good idea you've had so an enhancement request has been raised: 141328. However, it is in our translation, so for example if you informed us of a suitable Dutch translation then we could add it to Dutch translation for you.

2) another good idea! So another enhancement request has been raised for this: Support Task 148894

3) you can control the image at the footer of the report either from the Report Formatting section of the report, or you can do it globally from the Header Footer section of the Administration Content Settings section.

4) They are all mostly the same output with one or two exceptions.

In the syles option (section header & footer) of the content setting in my YF 7.0 there are options to configure text in the header and footer but not the option to configure a logo in the footer. In the report-formating options it's the same..... Am i looking at the wrong place?

Also, in the HTML-report, this header and footer information is only displayed at the first page. I can understand that it isn't easy to add header and footer in every html-page of a report, but i think it would help if the footer-information is at least inserted at the last page of the report.

In the respons i missed an answer on the question about the failure in the link (second part of item 2)
Hi Peter,

there should be an option to upload an image in the footer (please see below):

Forum image

as described in the Content Settings documentation in our previous response:

Forum image

If you don't have the Image option then please let us know, and also tell us which build of YF 7.0 you are using.

Regarding how Yellowfin handles the header/footer data for each HTML page, I do not understand how you have more than 1 page for your emailed HTML report, for example, I have attached an emailed HTML report that has 373 rows, but it is not spread out over 3 pages - it is all within the 1 HTML page.

Also, with regards to your initial question 2), at the moment it is not possible to turn that message off (however, if the recipient doesn't have access to the sender's Timeline then they won't receive that message), so I have raised an Enhancement Request for it, the Support Task ID is 171103


Hallo Dave,

i found out what happened.... the HTML-document is processed as it used to be... so YellowFin did it right. But my EMail Client (EMClient 6) simply attaches the images that are part of HTML (my logo and a graph) under the HTML-page that is generated by YellowFin. And so it looks like there are pagebreaks and the logo positioned at the bottom out of nowhere :-) And this client doesnt show that those images aren't part of the original message as it was send. So i've to look at the EMail client to search for an option to fix this or do you have some trick to fix this?

Of course (as i tested), with PDF-output it works fine.

About the content of the header and the footer. I didn't remember that the Plus-sign can be used to add all kind of objects to the header and footer. And as i didn't put a logo in the footer.. i didn't look further at this option as respons to your first answer on my questions. I have to excuse for not looking as deep into it as i should have in this matter....
Nice findings!

Glad it's all working.


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