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Double Client Reference ID’s in Yellowfin 7.1

(in Yellowfin 7.1, Build februar 2015)

It appears to be possible to define more then one (client/default) organisation with the same client-reference ID. The result is that all organisations are shown when a users logs in, but that only one of those organisations is loaded (one from those with the same client reference ID)
Is this expected behaviour or is it possible to add a control that the same client-reference ID can't be entered more then one time.

Hello Peter,

Sorry for the lengthy delay in responding to your query.

I tested this out in 7.1, Feb build and was unsuccessful in creating client
orgs that use the same Client Reference ID. I first tried to create two client orgs
using the same Reference ID and got this system message.

Forum image

I then attempted to create a client org using the same Reference ID that the Default Org
was using and got this system message.

Forum image

Please let me know if I'm missing something or if I have misunderstood your issue.



Hello Kyle,

the bad new is, the problem did realy exist, see

Forum image

The good news is, that i tested adding and renaming client-orgs in the februari built and it wasn't indeed not possible to create double client Reference ID's. So this problem seems to be solved somewhere in the last quarter of 2014.

With kind regards,

Peter Lasker
Hi Peter,

Thank you for responding. I am glad that you can no longer reproduce
this issue!!