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drill though with timeline

I would like to be able to drill through from a timeline chart to the underlying data, and have that data filtered according to the settings for the date slider. e.g. I have five years of data and I change the slider to look only at one year. I want to then be able to see all the source records for that year. If I change the chart to data display I get all the records.

I tried creating a drill trough to a list with a date range as a filter but I could not seem to be able to pass the start and end dates that the slider was using through to the drill through'd report. I added the same date as a filter to the report and I could see it pass the starting date through but not the ending date.

Hi Ray,

at the moment it is not possible to pass a Data Slider's start & end dates to a Drill Through report's date filter. However, it is possible, on a Dashboard, to use a Data Slider's start & end dates to link to another report's filter:

Forum image

Your idea is a good one so I have created an enhancement request so that it will be implemented in the future, the Support Task ID is 170929.


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