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Drill through detail report doesn’t show all charts

Hi, we are using Yellowfin 7.1 build 20150325 and this is regarding Drill through reporting.

We master detail reports and configured using drill through analysis (detail report will pop-up in new window). Detail report has two charts in its canvas but when click on chart in master report, the detail report displays only one chart instead of two. when we maximize detail report, it does show two charts.

Its confusing our users and we like to see all available charts in popup window as well.
Is there a workaround for this? if not when then this feature can be implemented?

Reports: Revenue master and Revenue Detail

1. detail report with two charts.

Forum image

2. Master report with drill through configuration

Forum image

3. On clicking Camp region the detail report show up but only one chart is visible.
Forum image

4. On expanding detail report, user can view entire report with 2 charts.

Forum image

Hello Koteswara,

Thank you for adding the great details to your issue / questions. This is always

As I'm sure you are aware, the popup function when using Drill Through does
have its limitations, as outlined in the latest Wiki site.

Drill Through Reports

One of which you have
discovered, the inability to render multiple charts or co-display reports within
the popup window.

Presently, the only work-around is to 'Open' the report (which you did) or not to select the Popup option.

As this is the case, I have raised an enhancement request for this to be considered in a future
build of YF. The enhancement task is #192147.

Thank you,