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Drill through from Pie Chart only picking up the Color and not the Filter

I have a problem with a Yellowfin 7.1 report - I have a very simple report that has a table with just Project Name, Task Status, and # of Tasks as a metric. We have a filter on Project Name so that the table can show the # of tasks for all projects or for specific projects, and a pie chart that shows the Task Status as the Color and the # of Tasks as the Size.

I have a Drill Through to another report that has Project Name and Tasks Status as a filter - that child report lists all of the individual tasks with that Project Name and Task Status.

I can hyperlink the drill through to the Project Name or Task Status, and the drill down works when clicking on the hyperlink in the table.

If I hyperlink to the Project Name, the pie chart does not allow any drill through

If I hyperlink to the Task Status, the pie chart does allow the drill through, but it only passes the value of the Tasks Status clicked on in the pie chart to the child report - it does not pass the Project Name filter value. So the child report shows the individual tasks with the selected Task Status for ALL projects, instead of just the project in the master report.

I have searched the Yellowfin forums and seen some mentions that the pie chart only passes one filter value to the child report - is this the way that it works? I have tried separating the master report in sections by Project Name, but the child report continued to return the tasks for all projects. The end user says that it used to work.
Hi David,

Thanks for sending in the question and I'm sorry to hear that you are having troubles getting your drill through scenario to behave as expected.

I think what you are running into definitely has more to do with how you are defining your drill through scenario on your chart as appose to being a limitation of pie charts.

There are two types of drill through types that can be used in a chart (outlined in our wiki: Drill Through Capabilities on Charts

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If you want your chart to drill and filter appropriately, all the fields used as filters need to be included in your chart.

Anyway, I hope this information helps. If you need follow-up assistance on this one, do you think you could send in screenshots of your report/related reports/chart setup to so that we can address your concerns as a case in our CRM?

Kind Regards,