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Drill through OLAP to Relational DB

I've got a summary report that is using an OLAP Cube for it's data. I would like to be able to drill through that report to a sub report that has it's data sourced from a relational data warehouse.

The issue is, the drill through passes MDX code to the sub report which doesn't work in a relational data warehouse. It would be ideal for drill through, if there was an option to pass through the code or text to the sub-report. Seems like it only passes code at the moment.

Know of any work arounds?
Hi Cameron,

I whipped up a few quick simulations of what you described and unfortunately couldn't find any examples of MDX being used instead of SQL for the relational DB sub-report.

For example, here is the master report's MDX:

Forum image

and then here is the sub-report's SQL:

Forum image

I'm wondering if you could please show some screenshots of your setup (in particular the Related Reports screen), because obviously I have not got the same report as you and an example should be able to help me replicate what you're experiencing.