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Drill Through on GIS Google Map not working


I am trying to drill through on a GIS Google Map and it does not appear to be working.
I am using the standard Australian postcode pack to display the number of students within a postcode and all the filters appear to be passing through except the postcode attribute. For some reason it appears that a random postcode is being passed across. After some investigation, I suspect that the random postcode is the maximum one in the displayed list. For example if the map displays postcode 1234, 2529, 3987 even if I click on the postcode area of 1234 or 2529 it will always return 3987.
We are on the latest version of Yellowfin (mar 2015 build) and I am wondering if this is a bug as it was working in the Nov 2014 build.

Hi Bradley,

Sorry for the delay in responding to your query. I'm sorry to hear you are running into issues with your post codes and GIS Google Maps.

Do you think that you could send some screenshots of what you are describing to referencing this post in your email? This will create a case in our case management system and we will be able to troubleshoot more effectively from there.

From initially reading your post it sounds like there could be some bad data somewhere but it will take a bit of investigating to narrow down.

It is possible this could be a bug, but we haven't had an influx of users reporting problems with GIS Google Maps since the most recent update so it seems unlikely. We will do some research and get to the bottom of it.

We hope to hear back from you soon!

Kind Regards,


Best regards,

The Yellowfin Support Team

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