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Drill Through with Overlay Chat


A client is trying to use drill thought with an overlay chat. On the top report there are two "drill through" destinations configured. Each destination drills to a different report.

On the table of the report you can click on the value and YF will drill through the bottom report based on the column/value selected.

How can I get the chart to do the same i.e click on a specific bar and drill through to the bottom reports.

I have attached an export with the reports I'm trying to get working.

Please advise.

Thanks and regards,

Nick Cadenhead
Hi Nick,

I think that with the new build to be released this Friday you will be able to accomplish what you've been trying to do!

What I mean by that is that in earlier builds it was possible to drill through from a bar chart to another report, however just recently (I think the last 2 builds) this functionality was changed so that only Drill Through from tables worked, but not from the accompanying chart.

However, the good news is that functionality change will be, in fact, changed again for the next patch (this Friday), and with that you should then be able to meet your reporting requirements.

For more information about this please see this other forum post.


Hi Dave,

Great news. Thanks for the feedback.


Hi Dave,

Please can you confirm if the above was fixed in the Jan release of Yellowfin 7.1?

Thanks and regards,

Hello Nick,

Just jumping in here to assist as Dave is not in the office yet.

I do believe that the above issue was addressed in the January

[185115] Fixed issue where hyperlink drill through option was no longer available

We had several other clients that were also waiting for this fix and thus far we
haven't received any negative feedback on this functionality.

Please let us know if you experience any issues regarding this matter.

Thank you,


Hi Kyle,

Thanks for the feedback. yes the client is still experiencing the same issue with no hyperlink available on the chart for a drill through.

The link appears on the table but not on the chart.

The chart is an overlay chart.


Hi Nick,

That's a real bummer! Just to confirm, they are operating on the January patch?

It looks like we are back to square one. Can you provide some additional details?

-How the related report link is set?
-How the chart is configured?
-Data types of these fields used in the chart?

And anything else you can think of that might be relevant.