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Enhancement request : importing dashboards in Yellowfin 7.1

When i import a dashboard i have manually assign the reports on my dashboard although there already there in the repository and their names are the same...

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Can that be done automatically?
Hi Peter,

Unfortunately this process can be done automatically.
Reason is, there is no guarantee that the target system has the correct report even though it has the same name.

This is why we force the users to manually choose this.

The only way around this is to include the reports with the dashboard, then import these.
You can then 'replace' the reports on the target system, since they are the same anyway.

Sorry for the bad news.


Hallo David,

thanks for the quick response.

I don't see it as really bad news. I think the implemented solution is right, based on the princip that the person how imports has to be sure about what he/she is doing. The logic that you should "export the reports too" if you intend them to be the same, is in that case then right way to handle this issue.