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EntryPage Setting In Yellowfin

Hi Team,

In Yellowfin, whenever I am creating a new user using webservice method, by default the ConfigCode --> ENTRYPAGE='BROSWE' is added in PersonConfiguration table for that new user.

I need by default the option ENTRYPAGE should be 'DASHBOARD'.

Is there any option to set this?
How to avoid this ConfigCode --> EntryPage attribute entries in table?

Clarification: If this option is not available for that particular user, then by default 'DASHBOARD' will come as entry page in Yellowfin application. Is it correct?

Hi Chandra,

Unfortunately you cannot currently set a users login page preference without actually logging in as that user.
So it cannot be done via a web service either.

The only way to get around this at the moment is to actually update the users record in the DB as mentioned in the following post:
How to change Default ENTRYPAGE configuration globally.
The post shows how to do it for ALL users, but you can configure the query to update only particular users if need be.

Sorry for the bad news, and hopefully something we can support in the future, though we will first need to support it in the UI in order to have a web service call.

Hi David,

We have integrated Yellowfin within our application and we are creating our application user in Yellowfin through webservice method only.

In this case, whenever creating an user in Yellowfin, immediately accessing Yellowfin DB and updating data is really critical for us.

Please provide us the alternate solution as soon as possible.
Hi Chandra,

Sorry for the bad news, though at this point in time, the only way to set the entry page for the user is to;

-Set this upon initial login
-After creating the user, update the user record directly in the DB.

Apologies for any inconvenience this has caused.