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Error in formatting Boolean Fields?

In YellowFin 7.1 (build september 2014) on Windows 8.1/Firefox there is some strange behaviour in formatting the boolean-values (e.g. changing "Yes" in "X" and "No" in "--"). When i try to changes more the one field at a time in the "format-screen", then this screen shows the values of the first edited-boolean value by all the other boolean-fields:

Forum image

So every time i have to select the fields manually, as in the next screen:

Forum image

Is this a known issue and/or dependent on Windows or Firefox?
Hi Peter,

I have managed to replicate your issue, thanks for the detailed info.
It has been logged and assigned to the dev team (TASK ID = 174791).

It should be fixed in the upcoming 7.1 patch.

Sorry for the inconvenience this has caused.


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