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Error when editing a view: SQL Document Id is NULL


I am editing a view, and getting 'The view is in an erroneous state. Please fix the errors to continue.' The error in the yellowfin.log says:

YF:2015-01-28 11:31:06: WARN (MIViewProcess:loadViewSQL) - java.lang.Exception: SQL Document Id is NULL!

Perplexingly, if I do a straight COPY of this view, and then edit it, there is no problem with the view.

Can you advise here please? Is there some backend database maintenance to do?

thanks and kind regards

Hi Paula,

I haven't seen that error for a very long time, what version of Yellowfin is currently in use in this environment?

In older releases we would see views become corrupted when changes made to the underlying data source DB has changed. The view cannot be modified to add/remove the changed items.

However, copying the view should also exhibit the same behaviour, not sure why it lets you copy the view.

The first thing I would do in this scenario is look at the view SQL and see if it's still valid against the current data source.
Also, what happened to this view/data source recently?

In terms of the warning message.
The SQL Document id being null doesn�t really mean a whole lot on its own, but I think it could be related to looking for fields it can no longer find, which could also explain the error you're recieving.

Please let me know your findings.
If we cannot identify the cause of the issue, would it be possible to get a copy of the Yellowfin DB and data source schema so we can set it up here in the office?


Hi David

Thanks very much for your prompt response. Much appreciated.

I tried again from scratch by deleting the draft view, and re-cloning.
The error has gone away; I recall doing a minor edit on a virtual table sql. This must have been the culprit.

I do need to do some more editing today, so fingers crossed.

I will close this one off - thanks again.

Kind regards