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Export report with percentage bar


I have spotted that when using the "External Instance Base URL" with "http://localhost:8080/" percentage bar image is successfully displayed when report is broadcast.

However, when same report is exported to e.g. DOC percentage bar image is missing (see attached image).

Application version: 7.1
Build: 20141223


Hi Stelios,

Apologizes for the delay in responding to your Forum query.

I am taking a look at this now and will respond accordingly.

Thank you for your patience regarding this matter.



Hi Stelios

I've attempted to recreate your issue using the same version and build of YF.

I tried both exporting directly to Doc and then Broadcasting via email to Doc,
both were successful in carrying over the percentage bar.

Which browser are you using and have you tested using a different one?

Thank you,


Hi Kyle

Thanks for your response.

I've attempted using different browser (Chrome, FireFox) but I still receive DOC with no percentage bar image displayed. Any idea why it's not carried over when exported to DOC (I am using Microsoft Office 2007)?

In addition, I spotted that when I export to PDF, percentage bar image is carried over successfully in PDF but I am unable to export as PDF for second time (export button does nothing in second attempt).

Hi Stelios,

I'm on Office 2011. That could be the difference, or not. I'm wondering if it might be how
your report is set up and the percentage bars, etc. Would it be possible for you to do a quick
test using the ski team data? If it doesn't work with the ski team data and you are not able to export as doc
then we would know that it's probably your office set up.

In regards to your 2nd question / issue about the export not working the second time, this was a
known defect in the Dec build and was fixed in subsequent patches. Are you able to upgrade
to the Feb patch and confirm this?

Please let us know.


Hi Kyle

I've tried using the ski team data and percentage bars were successfully carried over when exported to DOC.

So it's definitely not the version of Office I am using.

However, I performed following steps and managed to export to DOC with the percentage bars carried over:

- Added conditional formatting to the column that shows the percentage bar
- Changed color from nothing (default yellow) to red (under Alerts)

I was then able to see the red percentage bar to my DOC. When I reverted those changes I was again unable to see the bars.

Could you try the above steps?


Hello Stelios,

Sorry again for the delay in getting back to you on this issue of percentage bars not showing up.

In regards to you last response, I was able to replicate the steps that you outlined. I needed to apply
conditional formatting in order for the percentage bar to show up when exported to Doc. In my original response
to you I had already applied the conditional formatting. Now I tested with just applying the Percentage Bar display
option in the field formatting tab.

Are you still on the older version of 7.1?

I do know that there are plans to overall the export functionality in the upcoming release of 7.2.
Hopefully the issue you have outlined (exporting to Doc when you have Percentage Bar as the field
format) will be addressed.

In the meantime, will the work around that you discovered suffice?

Please let me know.

Thank you,