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Exporting Co-Display Reporting to Excel


I have designed a report which has 2 related reports. I have tried placing the related reports in the co-display sections. However, when I export the output to excel, the related reports display on tabs. I need the related reports to display below the main report on one excel sheet. Is this achievable?

Hi There,

I'm sorry to inform you that this currently is not possible with the most current build of Yellowfin.

However an enhancement request has already been lodged requesting this functionality so it may be a feature that could be considered in future builds:

#166949 Dashboard / co-display report Export to Excel - option to export to single worksheet / tab

I've gone ahead and linked your forum post to this task as well.

In the mean time if you are trying to keep your reports on a single page you may want to consider using export to PDF or Word instead.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

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