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Exporting to excel with images


Is it possible to export a report to excel with images(e.g. Company logo)?Currently, I can do this successfully with pdf but not with excel.

Thank you for posting to the forum.
Yes after doing some testing I have confirmed the same.
Currently the only option is to copy/insert the image/logo into the Excel file after exporting the report.

Hi Mark,

I would ideally like all excel reports to be exported with the logo already embedded into them. Is this a possibility in a future release? We have a lot of reports to be designed for our business and it would be very time consuming for us to insert the image into each excel file individually.

I did some further testing and was able to have a Company Logo appear on Excel Spreadsheets so the issue is only in regards to Images.

Are you looking to have the same Image fairly consistently on the Excel sheets?
If so then the following will work for youIf you head to Administration>Configuration>System>Company Logo. If you upload a logo here and save. Then head to Administration>Content Settings>Report Settings>Styles>Header&Footer>the drop down menu should have company logo available. Don't forget to do a Save at both sections of the procedure.

Let me know if this helps.

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