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Extra Tab at the End of Text File Rows

When exporting data to a text file, I'm seeing an extra tab character at the end of each data row. Is that standard practice, or can that be eliminated? I have to upload a text file as part of a reporting process; however, it fails if I don't manually remove these extra tab characters.

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Hi Jason,

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Sorry to hear that you are having issues with the formatting of text files from exporting. Having tried to replicate this I couldn't quite see the results that you seem to be getting.

With this, would it be possible for you to supply us with screenshots of these happenings? Feel free to send them to the support email; and please reference with the following 'FAO Mark - Forum - Extra Tab at the End of Text File Rows'
Having received this information I can investigate this matter further and hopefully look to getting this resolved.


Further investigation to this issue we have found that within 7.1 the java exporting tool Yellowfin used for exporting .txt files caused them to export in a format of having tab and cartridge return characters at the end of each row.

Having then tested this within the 7.2 build we can see that the exporting tools are exporting .txt files in the format of having return characters at the end of each row.

With this it makes it difficult for the import of these .txt files within Yellowfin as it is not producing a satisfactory pre defined configuration.

My advice would be to export to a .CSV file as this will then group the format in a way of it being more accessible and configured format or alternatively upgrade to 7.2 if you are happy to have the .txt files with the return characters at the end of each row.