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failure jTDS-drivers with HTML output on SQL-Server source

We had some trouble with a field that hat to output HTML based on data on a SQL-Server database (Yellowfin 7.1, september 2014 build)

With the shipped jTDS-driver 1.2.5 and also with the newer 1.3.1 the output was:

Forum image

where the expected output has to be:

Forum image

The last result was produced with Microsoft JDBC Driver 4.0 for SQL Server version 4.0.2206.100 on the same windows machine with the same database and reports. The report also worked well when it had to run on HSQL with the shipped drivers.

Three questions:
1) Is this problem with JTDS and HTML a known issue?
2) Are there other limitations known with this driver
3) Is it possible that this behaviour has influence on data-transaction on the repository while when running Yellowfin on SQL-Server this driver is also used?
Hi Peter,

It does look like an issue with the JTDS driver and reading the clob data type.
From the looks of it, you are returning an image?

If this is the case, there could be another way around it, please see this forum post for more information: How to show an actual image in the report results.

Sometimes there are problems with JDBC drivers, and there is nothing YF can do about it.
But in saying this, there is usually an alternative driver or workaround, as JDBC drivers are used by so many people.
I don't see how this driver would cause any serious issues when using it for the Yellowfin DB connection.
I've used this driver (older versions also) for years, as well as many other clients without any issues.

However, in saying this, you're more than welcome to use the Microsoft driver, as YF doesn't care which driver you use, as long as it works ;).

Please let us know if there was anything else you were after.


Hello David,

the responsibilities about the performance of drivers is clear. To me that's even a very good argument to use JDBC and Yellowfin. I think for the users of Yellowfin it is important to know when there are limitations on the use of specific drivers (... it has cost us a lot of time to find out what happened here... )

In this case it is important to understand that the fieldvalue was not a blob or any other graphic binary data. It was a text-string with HTML-code that produces the graphic you could see on this example.

As far as we found out, this html-code wasn't handled right with jTDS 1.2.5 (that comes with Yellowfin) and version 1.3.1 (which was the latest version i could find on the internet) Al this happened on a Windows 8.1 system with Firefox and Internet Explorer.

A more common question:
Does Yellowfin in this kind of cases give feedback to the developers of those drivers or is it something that should/could be done by the users?

Thanks for trying Yellowfin

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