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Feature request – Mange view permission without edit view

Hi there,
I would love to see a way to manage the view security (E.G. add/change user permission) without going into the edit, clone progress in the view admin.

Clone view can take long time and it seem to me like a waste of time if all I want is adding a user to the view permission.

Hello Rimon,

Thank you for the feedback and suggestion on managing
view security. We always like to here back from the people
that are actually using the YF product.

As you know, security of your public information is critical and when
deploying Yellowfin a thorough analysis of the security needs of
your company should be undertaken.

YF prides itself on providing a wide range of security options that
balance the users security needs while also being easy to manage from
the administrators point of view.

I've including the link to our Security Framework documents
that may provide you with a better understanding of how
security is managed within YF.


Thank you again for the feedback!