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Filters on dashboard imcomplete and inconsistent style

I've defined a report with parameters (year, month from, mont util), filter (weeknumber within a year) and group filters (3 code tables). On the full screen report everything seems right and the styles ar as definied. On the dashboard only the group filters are displayed (defined on the view) but not with the dropdown list as defined on the view. The other filterfields have disappeared although the group-name for the filter on the dashboard is there.

How can i define my filters and parameters so that they are there on the dashboard with the right style?
Hi Peter,

sorry for the delay on this post, somehow it "slipped through the cracks". Thanks for all the screenshots as they make it much easier to understand the scenario. It looks like you've got to got the Analytic Setup tab and select all the filters that you want to be displayed:

Forum image

I hope that helps your dashboard tab filters get displayed, please let us know if
there are any further questions.


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