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I have a question from a potential customer.

They would like to display dashboards on a smart TV and they want to make sure that YF does not require any flash player or something.

Hi Stelios,

How are the clients going to display the dashboards on the TV? I assume they are going to
connect through their machines, correct? If so, nothing really changes as the application is
still displaying off the machine browser. With that said, I know that Chrome and Firefox
browsers now have built in flash players, as do most smart TV's.

I hope this helps and that I have understood your question.

Thank you,


Hi Kyle,

I've got some more information on that.

The customer is planning to use the browser capabilities within the smart TV�s themselves. The smart TV�s will NOT be connected to a PC but to the network.

Does YellowFin have any reliance upon Flash being installed to enable its tabular and chart dashboards to be displayed?

Hello Stelios,

The short answer is no, as charts and dashboards will render without Flash on a PC. So, we
are thinking that their content should work fine on the Smart TV. However, since there are so
many different models of these TV's, with unique browsers, it is impossible for us to say
with certainty that the content will render to the customers satisfaction.

I hope that you can understand our position on this.

Thank you,