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Is it currently possible to calculate forecast estimates based on time series data?

I believe what you're after is covered in the following wiki:
What if Analysis

Please let us know if this does not cover what you're after, or if you have further questions on this.

"What if Analysis" does not seem like what I need. I came across "Naive Forecasting" in the Advanced Analytic option in the variable. This seems more like what I am looking for but I can not find any Yellowfin documentation on "Naive Forecasting". Do you have more info on this?

Did you find the Naive Forecasting information on our Wiki?

If so, I apologize in advance for posting the following link, because you have probably already read it!

Naive Forecasting

If not, I hope that this provides more insight into what you are after.

Please advise and thank you for your patience.


The function asks for a date field but it will not accept a field with just year. I put in an actual date field but when I run the results don't seem right.

Looking at the Wiki all I find on this is
"A naive forecasting model is a special case of the moving average forecasting model where the number of periods used for smoothing is 1. Therefore, the forecast for a period, t, is simply the observed value for the previous period, t-1.
due to the simplistic nature of the naive forecasting model, it can only be used to forecast up to one period in the future. It is not at all useful as a medium-long range forecasting tool."
I did find the "Trend" function. I can not figure out how to use it so that is adds additional years to my table with the estimated values based on the trend analysis. Do you have any advice on this?

I have created a basic report using the advanced format function "trend" based
on the column 'invoiced amount' - as seen below.

Forum image

The next shot shows where to go to set up the advanced function.

Forum image

The last screenshot shows where you can set up the different options available
for 'trending'.

Forum image

Let me know if this helps or if you have additional questions!



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