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Format of Excel exports


is there a way of changing the default format for Excel exports from Yellowfin reports? We find ourselves reformatting every excel export and it would be good if Yellowfin could be configured to do this for us. For example, setting the font, setting the font size, unmerging the cells that are merged to contain the title....


Hi Peter

Thank you for the post!

May I ask what version of Yellowfin you are working with?

When you setup a report in Yellowfin with specific fonts for color and size you should be able to have that look export to Excel.
Here is a screen shot in version 7.1 showing where you can setup the specific font and size for the column you are editing.

Forum image

On that same page farther down you will see editable cell parameters to increase the space in each column along with manipulating your title size.

Let us know if this helps.

Thank you