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Formatting filters only one option allowed (wish)

In a specific situation we want a user to select only one value out of his value-list selection. Is it possible to add an option that we can force a user to only select one filter-value and/or with restricting "none"? Or is their already a work-around?

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Are you using 'equal to' as your filter operator? If so, then the user would only ever have 1 value to
choose from.

Does this make sense? I hope that I didn't misunderstand your question.

If so, please let me know.



Hello Kyle,

i changed the Filter to "equal to" and that works fine. Problem solved so far ;-)

But, one however.....

When i'm in such a value-list that is "equal to" then box shows me the option to "revert". Although not a real problem, i think that makes no sense and should be removed from the screen.

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You will have to ignore the 'revert' button for now.

Sorry for this news.


Hallo Kyle,

i can live with that.... :-)while i'm sure it will be cleaned up in any future version.

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