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Freeze Header

Dear All,

I want to be able to freeze the report header (like the way Ms Excel did) so that when I scroll down a long report the header is always visible. Not sure if this feature already been implemented in latest Yellowfin version.

Please advice. Thank you.

Hi Roger,

I hope all is well,

Can I ask are you referring to viewing reports individually from the Browse section or viewing reports from the Dashboard?

Either way the option to do this individually is not possible, although this feature has been implemented whilst viewing reports within Dashboards and Storyboards.

See the below screenshot as an example of these settings. Having selected what you require this would then be a feature within the browsing of reports on your Dashboard/Storyboard as you will see the header/column would become locked.

Forum image

I hope this helps, if you have further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.